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Ultrasonic Scrub Device (TB1769)

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  • 超聲波震動頻率為每秒25,000次以上。
  • 深層清除毛孔內的堵塞物,如化妝品殘留/空氣中的塵埃/黑頭及粉刺。
  • 改善毛孔粗大或影響營養物吸收的膚質。
  • 清潔後,亦可用來按摩皮膚,舒緩疲勞,促進護膚品吸收。
  • 輕觸式操作,無線充電,有如一件藝術品。
  • 優美的流線型外觀,贏得2017年日本優良設計大獎。

The Ultrasonic Scrub Device is a modern device that improves any skin care routine at home.
It acts like a scrubber to remove impurities from the skin, providing a radiant and flawless result.
It provides unique functions and an exceptional experience for users.
The design of this device is exquisite and functional.