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Rotary Facial Cleanser Travel (TB1387)

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這款電動潔面儀有3種不同 的清潔刷頭。配備輕便收納 盒, 利於存放, 乾淨衛生。

  • 清肌煥顏刷頭
    超細軟纖維毛刷, 細密貼合肌膚, 有效清除油污, 黑頭和角質
  • 淨致清透刷頭
    乳膠海綿材質, 深層吸附毛孔中的污垢油脂, 細緻肌膚
  • 溫婉舒潤刷頭
    食用級矽膠材質, 舒緩清潔, 溫潤按摩, 促進肌膚排毒
  • 360°旋轉潔面
  • 高效清除深層毛孔污垢並帶走老化角質
  • 兩檔潔膚速度, 低速柔和清潔, 高速強力清潔

TOUCHBeauty Essentials Portable Facial Cleanser Set is perfect for any skincare routine. This set comes with 3 brush heads for different cleansing needs. Deeply cleanses impurities from the skin for a radiant appearance. It comes in a convenient and compact storage case. USB rechargeable device.