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9 in 1 Electric Cleaning Set (TB0601B)

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  • 浮石磨頭能修復手肘、關節等易產生死皮及角質的位置;
  • 沙石磨頭保持肌膚光滑細嫩;
  • 金屬磨頭處理較粗糙的部位;
  • 纖維刷頭能清除污垢及緊緻肌膚(詳情可參閱使用說明)


TOUCHBeauty Essentials 9 in 1 Electric Cleaning Set is a multifunctional device that can be used on the face and feet.
The 9 different accessories fit different needs from pedicure to facial cleansing.
It is versatile, can be used on different body areas.