"AMBOI Points" 積分獎賞

"AMBOI Points" 位於網頁的左下方。
"AMBOI Points" located at the bottom left of the page.

如何賺取積分?How to earn points?

  1. 創建新帳戶獲得5000積分。
    Create an account earn 5000 points.

  2. 每消費1港幣可賺取5積分。
    Make a purchase earn 5 points per 1HKD spent.
    e.g. : Purchased a waist bag of 218 HKD, earn 1090 points.

  3. 每週到訪AMBOI網站一次可獲得25積分。
    Visit AMBOI website once a week earn 25 points.
It can sometimes take a few minutes for us to process your activity and provide your points.*

積分獎勵 Rewards

  • 500積分兌換 5港幣 現金劵。
    500 points redeem 5 HKD vouchers.
  • 1000積分兌換 10港幣 現金劵。
    1000 points redeem 10 HKD vouchers.
  • 2000積分兌換 20港幣 現金劵。(最低消費200港幣)
    2000 points redeem 20 HKD vouchers. (min. spend 200HKD)
  • 5000積分兌換 50港幣 現金劵。(最低消費300港幣)
    5000 points redeem 50 HKD vouchers. (min. spend 300HKD)